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On this site:

My picture collectioning in the Dutch press

"Power lines have no adverse health effects"

Links to other collections of pictures of high voltage towers:

Pylon pictures of Flash Wilson

Toer design of National Grid, UK

About painting high voltage towers in France

Pylon of the Month

Electric pole shrine, 2000

Türkiye Pylons Photo Album (just for Arnie!)

Fotopic.Net: Bay Area Pylons; USA

Other interesting links:

Power Lines
Information on transmission lines from Fingrid, Finland

Very good informative site about electrical energy generation, transmission and distribution. Language: Dutch
Made by Stefan Bareveld

The Utility Connection
The most complete set of information on electrical utilities around the world.

Draka Comteq - NKF Kabel
Cable manufacturer of power and telecom cables; speciality: optical fiber cables for overhead lines, ADSS and OPGW

JLC - Powerlineman
Web site for people working in overhead lines

The Towers To Please -- The Power Line Site
Informative site about powerlines including lots of related links including tower builders.

Electrical Power Distribution, Pictures, Stock Photography -Electricity; PHOTOVAULT Technology: Distribution, Transformers, Wires, Telephone Poles

Lightning by Stormguy

Arnie Berkers, 30-11-2002