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Information about this website

History of this site

The first version of this website was on the internet in December 1997.
The reason for buidling this website I was new to the internet and wanted to built my own website that was a little bit more special than the obvious "Hello, I am Arnie" personal website. All reactions I got in the first months encouraged me to go on with this.


The first counter on this website was a NedStat counter which was started on January 16, 1998. Due to faulty excessive counts in April and May 2001 a new counter (also NedStat) was installed. In the graph you can see the combined results of these two counters. Counter graph

URL's, locations and redirects

At the moment the website exists on the following locations: (having script problems)
The redirects are: points to the Zonnet site points to the Zonnet site points to the Castel site

About the webmaster

My name is Arnie Berkers. I was born in 1960 in the south-east of the Netherlands. Now I live with my wife and three children in Appingedam, in the north-east of the Netherlands.
For profession I design and develop optical fiber cables. In that the cables that can be installed in powerlines have my special attention. My company regularly has projects (mostly abroad) that incoporate the building of telecommunications infrastructure in powerline systems. For that we have our famous ADSS and OPGW optical fiber cables. Arnie
Arnie Berkers, 19-02-2005