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Magnificent Views
Pictures of High Voltage Towers
Part 3

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Powerline in the Czech Republic. Picture by Derk Klunder.

Picture by J. Tapio.

110 kV powerline near Groningen, the Netherlands. Picture by Adriaan Iden.

Near Aix en Provence, France

Martine Cassini bought this tower for one French Franc from EDF to save it from destruction and to serve as antenna. Picture by Zitoun de la Plaine (AKA Olivier Rougon).

Near Appingedam, the Netherlands

As seen before, now in the snow. Picture by Arnie Berkers.


Picture by Andre van Huizen. His website Imaginature contains beautifull nature photography.

Marcel Maas

Artistic modified picture by Marcel Maas.


At the Chocau dam in Patagonia, Argetina. Picture by Jacob Schiere.


At the Chocau dam in Patagonia, Argetina. Picture by Jacob Schiere.

Drawing by 9 year old HV tower admirer Sidney van Geijlswijk. See Sidney


Brunsummerheide near Heerlen, the Netherlands. Picture by Diana and Corny van Geijlswijk.

NUON 150 kV near Lelystad

3 circuit 150 kV NUON tower near Lelystad. Picture by NUON Transport, thanks to Eddy Huiskamp.

North side of the Nieuwe Waterweg near Hoek van Holland, the Netherlands. Picture by Dick Huijsman.

NUON 150 kV repair

150 kV repair tower in use by NUON. Picture by NUON Transport, thanks to Eddy Huiskamp.

Portals on the north side of the river Waal near Nijmegen. 3 times 2 circuits are crossing the river here. Picture by NUON Transport, thanks to Eddy Huiskamp.

150 kV near Delft

150 kV 'tower' with Delft on the background. Picture by Erik Versteeg.


Tower configuration in Finland. Picture by George Continent.


Tower in the UK. Picture by David Scott.

380 kV angle tower

380 kV angle tower near Zutphen, the Netherlands. Picture by Tom Borger.

50 kV Kootwijkerzand

50 kV Kootwijkerzand, the Netherlands. Tower built in 1930. Picture by Tom Borger.

380 kV + 110 kV

380 kV / 110 kV tower from the line Zwolle-Meeden with 110 kV branch for Stadskanaal. Picture by Tom Borger.


Tower in Peru. Picture by Jorge Lopez.

Merak, Indonesia

Tower near Merak, Indonesia. Picture by Ben Veerman.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Tower in Jakarta, Indonesia. Picture by Ben Veerman.

Menands, Upstate New York

Tower at substation, Menands, Upstate New York. Picture by Lynda VE.


Tower in Peru. Picture by Jorge Lopez.

Harculo power station

Near Harculo power station. Picture by Gerrit Jan Ruijg

Winning design for ENEL

Winning design for ENEL, Italy by Foster and Partners, UK. Thanks to Katy Harris.
8 times rated: average 4.6

Kalahari dessert, South-Africa

Close to Gemsbok-park in the Kalahari dessert in South-Africa. Picture by Jaap Griep.
7 times rated: average 3.1

150 kV tower near Arnhem, the Netherlands

150 kV tower south of Arnhem, the Netherlands. Picture by Carlo van der Borgt.

Painting by Rein Pol

Painting by Dutch painter Rein Pol.
13 times rated: average 3.5

The Pink Pylon

The pink pylon in the UK. Picture by David Scott.
14 times rated: average 4.0

Velsen, the Netherlands

150 kV connection Velsen - Vijfhuizen at channel C. Picture by Jan Kwantes.
9 times rated: average 2.8


Chatanooga, USA. Picture by Jim Henry.
12 times rated: average 3.8

Isla Margerita

Isla Margerita, Venezuela. Picture by Tammo Hak.
12 times rated: average 2.2

Lelystad, the Netherlands

Near Lelystad in the Netherlands. Picture by Richard Heikens.
9 times rated: average 3.3

Bob Bauer, USA

Picture by Bob Bauer.
33 times rated: average 3.2

Change-over in Beilen

Change-over tower near Beilen the Netherlands against a typical Dutch sky. Picture by Arnie Berkers.
12 times rated: average 3.4

East Coast of Tasmania, Australia

110kV K-pole (BCC) circa 1920 still in use, East Coast of Tasmania, Australia. Picture taken by Hydro Tasmania 2000. Thanks to Angus Ketley.

Anduze, France

120 kV tower in Hungary. Picture by Hoze.
11 times rated: average 3.2

Hinton, UK

Pylon 4YX 234 at Hinton, South Gloucestershire, UK. Picture by Harvey (Pylon of the Month).
17 times rated: average 3.1

Lightning on powerline

Picture from the Stormguy website of Dave Crowly.
33 times rated: average 4.2


In South-Africa. Picture by Dick Huijsman.
28 times rated: average 3.4

Ketelmeer, the Netherlands

Four legs on one big foot in the water. Ketelmeer, picture by Arnie Berkers.
53 times rated: average 3.9

Los Angeles

500 kV DC line Intermountain - Adelanto of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. Picture by Roy E. Snyder.
74 times rated: average 3.1


In Slovenia. Picture from Rudi Voncina.
28 times rated: average 3.5

Near Marseille, France

High Voltage tower in the south of France, near Marseille. Picture from Olivier Rougon.
28 times rated: average 3.5

Near Appingedam, the Netherlands

At Ekenstein, Appingedam, the Netherlands. Picture by Foto - Video De Vries, Solwerderstraat 51-53, Appingedam.
33 times rated: average 4.0

Netherlands: A12

Along highway A12 in the Netherlands near Zoetermeer. Picture by Roy Verheijen.
43 times rated: average 2.5

South-Africa, Tafelberg

In South-Africa with the Tafelberg in the background. Picture by Dick Huijsman.
22 times rated: average 2.6


Corner pylon in Sydney, Australia. Picture by Angye Lowe.
17 times rated: average 2.9

Atlanta, USA

Small width tower in Atlanta, USA. Picture by Arnie Berkers.
17 times rated: average 2.8

Anduze, France

Near Anduze, region Languedoc, France. Picture by Arnie Berkers.
12 times rated: average 2.3

Al Bell miniature tower

Miniature tower on scale 1:32 build by Al Bell.
12 times rated: average 2.9


Tower near Steendam, seen from the N33. Picture by Arnie Berkers.


In Australia, near Melbourne airport. Picture by Arnie Berkers.
14 times rated: average 1.9


Near Hoogeveen, the Netherlands. Tower to be scrapped. Picture by Peter Wouda.
14 times rated: average 2.2

K'NEX tower

High voltage tower made of K'NEX by Martin van Wijk. Visit his K'NEX site by clicking here.
32 times rated: average 1.9

Nijmegen, the Netherlands

150 kV tower with cellphone antennas in the top, south of Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Picture by Arnie Berkers.
25 times rated: average 2.8


Double circuit 360 kV plus single 110 kV near Emmen, the Netherlands. Picture by Arnie Berkers.
10 times rated: average 3.5


Near Vancouver, Canada. Picture by Rick van der Werf.
36 times rated: average 1.9

Delfzijl, the Netherlands

4 circuit powerline connecting Akzo chemical plant, south of Delfzijl, the Netherlands. Picture by Arnie Berkers.
50 times rated: average 2.8


Most common 2 x 380 kV line in the Netherlands. This location: Oostzanerpolder. Picture by Stefan Bareveld.
38 times rated: average 3.2

3-way tower

Tower with lines running in three direction. Picture by Helen Faulkner.
37 times rated: average 3.3

A104, near Paris

Powerlines on both sides of highway A104, east of Paris. Picture by Corrie Berkers.
32 times rated: average 1.8

Drawing by Branco

Drawing by Branco Berkers.
38 times rated: average 1.9


Watercrossing in the Netherlands. Picture by Hans de Jong.
21 times rated: average 2.5


Winter near Appingedam, the Netherlands. Picture by Arnie Berkers.
23 times rated: average 3.3

150 kV in the Netherlands

Typical tower with little height in the Netherlands, called "Maas-Waal". Because of the little height this tower type was meant to fit to the flat Dutch landscape. Picture by Peter Ruiter.
21 times rated: average 3.3

Eucomsa tower.

Tower in Sweden made by Eucomsa, tower builder from Spain. Picture by Eucomsa.
22 times rated: average 2.6


Powerline through the new (reclaimed) land, Flevoland, the Netherlands. Picture by Frits Rotgans.
22 times rated: average 2.7

Ketelmeer crossing

Crossing the Ketelmeer, 2 circuits 380 kV; picture by Arnie Berkers.
22 times rated: average 2.9

SEP 4 x 380 kV in the Netherlands

Newest power line in the Netherlands: 4 circuits 380 kV; owned by SEP. Picture by Dick Huijsman.
23 times rated: average 3.5

Picture Upstate New York USA

Picture from Upstate New York, USA, 132 kV, picture by Albert Grooten (NKF).
24 times rated: average 2.6

500 kV tower in Australia

500 kV tower in Australia. Picture from JLC.
24 times rated: average 3.7

110 kV with wind

110 kV line with high winds. Note the circuit reference colors (black and white) on the tower legs. Picture by Arnie Berkers.

EZH tower with sun

In the Netherlands, 380 kV, supplied by EZH.

Towers in Finland

Special tower type in Finland, picture by NK Cables.

4 x 380 kV detail

The new 4 x 380 kV line, more detail. Picture Arnie Berkers.

Desert in northern Chili

Desert in northern Chili. Picture by Hennie Rikken (NKF).

150 kV lines

A touristic attraction for an electrical engineer. Picture by Peter Ruiter.

Stan Komorowski 1

Ice storm damaged towers in Canada. Picture by Stan Komorowski.

Row of damaged towers

Row of damaged towers in Canada.

Stan Komorowski 2

Ice storm damaged towers in Canada. Picture by Stan Komorowski.

Locweld wood

Picture supplied by Locweld.

Locweld Sun Tower

Picture supplied by Locweld.

Locweld big

Picture supplied by Locweld.

ABB 500 kV DC

High Voltage DC (HVDC) tower with on one side +500 kV and -500 kV on the other. Picture supplied by ABB.

Picture from Spain

Near Valencia, Spain, 400 kV. Picture by Ben Veerman (NKF).

500 kV towers in Brasil

Output of a hydro power plant through parallel single circuit 500 kV lines in Brazil.

Delfzijl, the Netherlands

380 kV tower in Germany. Picture found on the website of the Technical University of Darmstadt.
14 times rated: average 3.2


High voltage tower in Turkye. Picture by Mr. Gulesin.

Camels near powerline

Picture found on old 'Seasons Greetings' card from NK Cables.
32 times rated: average 3.0

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Arnie Berkers, 23-09-2002